2024 6th International Conference on Biotechnology and Biomedicine (ICBB 2024)
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Host: Prof. Gangmin Ning, Zhejiang University, China

Group Photo

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Keynote Speeches

宁钢民 (4).JPGProf. Gangmin Ning, Zhejiang University, China

Title: Enhancing ICU Treatment Outcomes by Machine Learning Models



王子元 (14).JPGPProf. Ziyuan Wang, Jiangsu Normal University, China

Title: Development of Emergency Drugs for Acute Myocardial/Cerebral Infarction



UNIBO Parallel Session - Biotechnology and Biomedicine


Prof. Pier Paolo Piccaluga, University of Bologna, Italy

Title: Use of Next generation sequencing for myeloid tumor classification


Prof. Erica Diani, University of Verona, Italy

Title: Laboratory diagnosis of HIV infection

Oral Reports

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Wei Li, Southwest Minzu University, China

Title: Applications and explorations of mathematics in COPD and hemodynamics

梁久佳 (2).JPGJiujia Liang, Northeast Normal University, China
Title: PRSS50 inhibits lipogenesis and the development of metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease by reducing the stability of SCD1

刘书畅 (2).JPGShuchang Liu, Tianjin Medical University General Hospital, China
Title: Study on the Neuro-Immunological Mechanism of Electroacupuncture in Modulating Intestinal Inflammation of Postoperative lleus

刘颖 (1).JPGYing Liu, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese medicine, China
Title: Ursolic acid alleviates hepatocyte damage caused by steatosis through PINK/Parkin mediated mitophagy

钮春雪 (2).JPGChunxue Niu, Northeast Normal University, China
Title: PRSS50-mediated inhibition of the MKP3/ERK signal is crucial for meiotic progression and sperm quality

吴剑慧 (3).JPGJianhui Wu, Medical school of Chinese PLA General Hospital, China
Title: Construction and Evaluation of a Prognostic Risk Model of Tumor Microenvironment and Immune System in Patients with Hepatitis B Virus-infected Hepatocellular Carcinoma

朱颖超 (2).JPGYingchao Zhu, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, China
Title: Risk factors for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Mendelian randomization study

杨佳乐 (2).JPGJiale Yang, Tianjin Normal University, China

Title: Study on the method of vitellogenin-mediated Cas9 entry into crustacean oocytes

王思颖 (5).JPGSiying Wang, Sun Yat-sen University, China

Title: Beyond Neurotransmission: The Immunological Mechanism of ACh from The CAIP Perspective

Young Researcher Session

S.K..pngShaymaa Khattab, University of Bologna, Italy

Title: Molecular profiling of HIV associate Burkitt lymphoma

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Bianca Govoni, University of Bologna, Italy

Title: Stereotyped TRG rearrangements in T cell lymphomas

Poster Display

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on-site communication

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